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    Cosmetic Surgery in Korea – An In Demand Beauty Procedure

    Gone are the days when flying to Korea to get cosmetic surgery is an impossible dream. Dubbed as the world’s plastic surgery capital, South Korea has long been making buzzing headlines for boasting the highest rate of plastic surgery per capita. The country sees around 20 procedures for every 1,000 people closely followed by the US at 13 procedures for every 1,000 people. These numbers are not really a surprise. South Korea has many plastic surgeons that have the expertise and knowledge to promise great results that look natural. This is the reason why over 300,000 foreigners visit South Korea annually for this specific purpose.

    Cost of Korean Plastic Surgery 
    The cost of cosmetic surgery in Korea varies depending on the procedures and the specific clinic. Generally speaking, this is more budget-friendly compared to their counterparts in other countries. A smaller scale surger, such as a double eyelid surgery, can cost you around 1 million KRW up to 2.520 million KRW. Comparatively speaking, the same procedure in the US can cost you $3,200. This is before you factor in other considerations such as the surgeon’s fee and anesthesia.

    Clinics also provide competitive pricing even for more complex surgeries. For instance, a nasal augmentation surgery, or also called nose job, can range from 3.2 million KRW to 4.3 million KRW. The facial contouring surgery to achieve a V-shaped face is price d at 9.6 million KRW to 14.4 million KRW. Facial contouring tends to be a harder surgical procedure that requires recovery time. The cost can go as high as 24 million KRW to 62 million KRW.

    To give the patients the best value, most clinics also provide complete surgery package. This lets you get your lips, nose, and eyes done all at the same time. Such packages often come at cheaper prices and they also have more added value, thanks to the promise of more harmonized results. Surgeons can also alter every feature simultaneously to ensure that it fits the face of the patient best. Patients may also be subjected to more expenses in case revision surgeries are required. This is the very reason why it is essential to choose a trustworthy cosmetic surgery clinic and surgeon who can get things right the first time.

    The Cosmetic Surgery Process
    Foreigners often consult with surgeons first to know more about the procedures and the associated costs before they decide on the date of the surgery. You will have to stay in the country for approximately one week if you will only undergo a smaller scale surgery. If it is more complicated, you might need to stay in South Korea for as long as two months.

    Of course, flying to a foreign country to get your first ever cosmetic surgery can be confusing and intimidating at the same time. The internet is filled with stories of botch cosmetic surgery jobs, not to mention the expected language barrier with the staff of clinic. In such cases, it is best to get the help of someone who can serve as your guide throughout the process, from beginning to end.

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