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    How to Get Tons of Traffic for your Ecommerce Site

    Let me know if this story sounds familiar to you. You may have just created your first ecommerce website after days and hours of hard work. This could be the culmination of your dream, following the conclusion of your expensive online course and lessons about how to make ecommerce sites and benefit from the current craze of online shopping. Then you sit back, relax and think that a whole new life of wealth and freedom, a destiny that is deliberately designed entirely by you, are going to come your way soon. You recall from the course that all this is possible since you committed the knowledge you’ve gained from the lessons to memory, integrated the various methods and concepts into your ecommerce site and took focused, directed, relentless action in implementing the ecommerce site.

    Then you wait relentlessly for the sales and profits to come. Days, weeks and possibly months go by, without a single sale in sight. You start to doubt yourself and ask what has gone wrong. Then, it hit you. What the thousand dollar course did not teach you was that you have to start bringing in traffic and leads to your ecommerce site before you can rake in the profits. So, let’s look at how you can get tons of traffic for your ecommerce site to generate huge profits.

    Email Marketing
    Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) or email marketing, as it is commonly known as, is a means to market your ecommerce site to leads or customers via email. The emails can be sent individually to each recipient or via mass emailing through the use of autoresponders.

    You can start by sending EDMs to your contacts, friends, family members, and loved ones, asking them to check out your ecommerce site. In addition, you can also ask them to tell their contacts, friends and family members to also visit your ecommerce site. Apart from that, you can have a newsletter or email signup form on your site, and offer an incentive such as a discount, to encourage visitors to sign up to your list. Once you have built up your list, you can start sending periodic email messages with valuable content and promotions, to entice your email subscribers to purchase from your site.

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    SEO is a process to rank your ecommerce website at the top of search engine search results for specific keywords that your potential customers search for each day. There are two main areas in SEO called onsite SEO and offsite link building.

    Onsite involves the tweaking of various aspects of all your ecommerce website pages to optimise them for search engine bots. Search engine bots are basically software designed by search engines to crawl through tons of webpages to look for content that is relevant to web users’ keyword searches. The various aspects of onsite SEO include the URL name, page title, page description, header tags, alternate image tags, page load speed, and keyword density.

    Offsite link building, on the other hand, involves getting quality backlinks for ecommerce site and money pages. You can approach owners of popular and high ranking blogs and websites from similar niches, and ask them to add backlinks to your site. Alternatively, you can get a professional SEO agency like to do it for you instead.

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    Things to Be Mindful of When Giving Corporate Gifts

    Presenting gifts to employees, subordinates, customers, and leads has become a traditional practice for most companies, corporations and enterprises today. There are a multitude of reasons why they usually do this. Some of these reasons include, showing good faith and appreciation, congratulating someone for their success, welcoming someone, and tightening the bonds between employees and customers. In addition, there are numerous ways of expressing all these, with the abundance of corporate gifts ideas available. Nevertheless, companies and employers should not get too carried away with giving corporate gifts. Instead they should be more mindful of certain things to observe when presenting corporate gifts. Let’s take a look at some of these things in the paragraphs that follow.

    Make the Gifts as Personalised as Possible
    Nothing says it better and leaves a deeper impression than a personalised gift. You do not need to break the bank just to provide a gift which may or may not provide any practical use for the receiver, or have a long lasting impact on him or her. An affordable and personalised gift can do just the trick, since it shows the receiver that you have put in much effort and consideration into preparing the gift. It also shows a lot about your character and the kind of personality that you exude. Personalised gifts can be something as simple as a handwritten message attached to the gifts, or even the name of the receiver or company imprinted on the gifts. The key thing is to make the gifts look genuine and sincerely, not forced or superficial.

    Remain Tactful and Do Not Cross Any Boundaries
    One thing to be clear about corporate gifts is that you are giving them to subordinates, colleagues, bosses, customers, or generally anyone who has a working or business relationship with you. This is unlike family, friends or loved ones, who may know your character and personality well, and will not get easily offended. As such, wherever possible, remain professional and appropriate when providing corporate gifts. Do not include anything too personal, vulgar, or offensive when selecting and preparing gifts. Even if you want to lighten the mood and add a dash of humour and fun into the gifts, ensure that it is within the confines of a work and business setting. Ultimately, take a step back, and visualise yourself in the shoes of the receiver, and ponder about how you would react or feel if you received an inappropriate corporate gift.

    Always Go By the Motto, Quality over Quantity
    Many companies set aside a specific budget for corporate gifts, just like they would for all their other expenses. While it may be challenging to find large amounts of corporate gifts at affordable prices on a tight budget, you should always ensure that you never compromise on quality. If you are unsure about exactly which kinds of gifts to choose, then consult reputable corporate gift suppliers such as for assistance. These kinds of suppliers will have years of experience in handling past clients, and can definitely provide their valuable insights on which types of quality gifts to present for various events and celebrations, while keeping within your company’s budget.

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    How to Choose an Affordable Flight

    Finding cheap flights online are easy today. The only problem is “What is the right place to actually make a purchase?” Since there are millions of ticket booking services online, you can sometimes get confused about which website is actually legal.  The situation will be worse if you choose the wrong deal and site. A good website offers you cheap flights online for any destination you want. Best of all, you can choose the flights departure and destination that suits your budget.

    Most importantly, you should look for a credible website that gives you multiple flights destination and still gives you the best deal on the market. A good company must have build trust for a few years now. It should focus to meet all the customer’s needs, and get them the best deal for airfares tickets. This will benefit your travel and make you satisfied with the memorable adventure ahead.  For those who are planning a business trip, you should look for good deals that come complete with the latest entertainment facility and fully-flat bed seats. This will definitely keep your flights enjoyable yet affordable.

    A good travel booking site will have agents that are experts in their respective fields . You can be reassured that your hotels, flights and journeys have been fully considered by an expert on such sites. Next, the site should have buying power and strong relationships in the travel industry generated over many years by the network of consolidators worldwide to enable them to contract flights, hotels and ground services at highly competitive rates.

    A good website and company’s will have proper customer service that you can contact directly if you have any doubts. Their agents should ensure that your travel remains hustle free and memorable. The relation should start with the first booking of their customer and they should y make sure that the relationship remains there for eternity.


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