Different Types of Live Streaming

    In the last few years, live streaming has turned out to be quite popular especially in countries like Singapore. In fact, there are even live streaming Singapore companies that offer live streaming services for their clients. Live streaming is a method of interacting with people all over the internet with some purpose in mind. It is the purpose that defines and differentiates one type of live streaming from the other. Basically, the following are some types of live streaming that generally occur today.

    Celeb Streaming
    This is done by popular personalities who like to connect personally with members of the audience. Such kinds of streams generally happen to be featured or get into trending lists as these are visible for thousands of viewers and watchers out there. It is excellent for a popular personality to interact with his / her viewers. It is a win-win situation for everyone. Given the fact that such viewers arrive from an already established group of followers or watchers, there is no hard work in building them. What a popular person really does is click on “Go Live” and then share their life and reality with the members of the audience. This is being done quite successfully by many singers, actors and also politicians. Publicists can schedule or stage these in order to boost their popularity or numbers.

    Recreational Streaming
    This one is done by those who want to do streaming simply because the option is there. What they are trying to do is establish a connection with the audience. Live streaming is the best way for them to do so, or so they feel. This can be useful for YouTubers who are long gone from their channel and like to make a comeback with a bang, and reconnect with the audience base that they have.

    Generally, these people like to stream themselves as they do things around their home, watch TV, drive around the road or allow viewers something as mundane as have a peek into what they are eating. This is usually done by many without a definite purpose in consideration. It is a fact that many people do this simply to get over their loneliness and have a social connection.

    Serious Streaming
    This is what is referred to as the “Live stream show”. It is done by live streamers who are serious and wish to provide viewers with a new reality and give them some happiness by giving a completely new experience to them. When it comes to this kind of streaming, no definite rules tend to exist. This is mainly due to the fact that the streaming show is centered around their creativity. Generally, these are intended to offer some type of entertainment. These may be for game shows or sunset scopes. Whether or not they make money out of this, such people love to use such types of streaming to connect with the world and give others something of value.

    Business Streaming
    These are done by people who wish to promote something, such as programs, books, internet marketing infomercials etc, so as to make money from the same. It is more or less push-selling a product or service, but involves the digital medium.

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