How to Focus your Thoughts to Affect your Life

    Questions help us focus our thoughts. The prerequisite of any thought is a question which is formulating in the mind, whether you are conscious of it or not. If questions are the mother of thoughts and if we’re to believe in the paradigm that our thoughts are ultimately what affects the way our very lives will turn out, for good or ill, then we should start on our questions, shouldn’t we?

    Let us take conscious control of the questions we’re constantly asking ourselves from now on. To do so, let us go back to one of the most primitive techniques. To learn anything more effectively, it is best to ask ourselves some questions pertaining to the subject matter at hand. This is called the Socratic method. What are some of the questions we can ask ourselves about how to balance between going with the flow and going according to the plan?

    Here are a few samples:

    1. How can my actions today possibly be inspired by some inner reckoning of a higher order or cosmic plan?
    2. Which of my actions or decisions today went against the plan that I’ve set for my- self? Why? Does it turn out better that way or could it have been better if I had stuck to my original plan?
    3. In spite of my being able to successfully go with the flow and actually getting some positive results from that, will I still be able to achieve the same level of performance if I were to start drafting out a specific, precise and definite plan?
    4. How can I balance between “letting go and letting God” and taking concrete, pragmatic, measurable steps towards my goal?
    5. What are the critical success factors, or the standards with which I must measure my performance, in order for me to have a certain measure of control over the outcomes of my actions and decisions?
    6. Which are the 20% of my actions or decisions that will affect 80% of my results and outcomes?
    7. How will I know if a certain gut feeling I have or an intuitive calling inside to act or choose a certain path is right and will bring about the best results for me?
    8. What is the pattern here? What characteristics of my intuitive gut feelings in the past has a track record of reckoning it as authentic and right?
    9. How will it turn out if I had done some- thing today in another way, instead of the way I had done it today?
    10. How do I know if the plan which I have drafted out is aligned with what I deem to be the higher cosmic intelligence working in my life?

    Create some more questions of your own. Write them down in your journal and try to answer them through unrestrained, impulsive writing. Whatever comes up in your mind, just write it down. Do this session of questioning self- examination every day before you retire, for better success.

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